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GOT TO LET GO – This song is not for you and it is meant to be. Just a piece of something nice that you won’t get to see. Oh my heart got sore, just to think of more. This heart is not for you and it is meant to deal with the whole part of my life that you won’t get to feel. Oh my heart got brave, Now that it can wave. Oh i don’t feel you anymore. I got to let go, i got to let go. What you took from me was something more, and i think it’s time you let it show. You don’t love me anymore. Not gonna cry, Not gonna cry. What’s left of your heart was dead before and i think it’s time i let you die. This song is not a song that you could ever sing. If you try i think you know how it would make you feel. Oh my pride must take everything you fake. Your life was not a life that you could ever live, the day you really try you’ll know how it good i did feel. Oh your heart will stand. But you won’t hold my hand. I gave it all i GOT. Held on to everything TIGHT. I know I’m not coming BACK. I’m not erasing this TRACK.

LIKE THE SNARE THAT’S GONE – Your head was no snare i could hit cause i dared you to follow the pace of our magical race. Your chest was no drums i could crush down to crumbs t o take what i need and make sure you won’t bleed. Why are you coming at my door? You know i’m not yours anymore, and my heart sounds sounds baby like the snare that’s gone and the deep sound goes. You know i have to go when you have no love, no love to show and your heart pounds pounds baby but the snare is gone and the deep sound goes. My heart was the snare you could hit anywhere, It did take everything from your love to nothing. My arms were the sticks that you held up to hit the back of my head when i wasn’t looking.

ONLY THE SOUNDS YOU MADE – Your face say words that you don’t mean. Your eyes went places they’ve never seen. You’ve been lying, it’s been feeling. Lonely like i had never felt. My heart, my hair, my mouth, my chest, they’ve been talking, but they haven’t said your name. Your place was dark, I got my own, my heart my face needed the sun, and i’m still standing, i’ve been loving someone else. Someone who knows how love back, a heart that isn’t stained with black. It’s been pounding, it’s been feeling someone else. I kept my heart beats to myself. I could only hear the sounds you made, now my silence is finally gonna away. I get to feel myself again, my face, my eyes are to begin, my heart once closed is opening. My chest has grown forests inside, they still carry your leaves for pride. They’ve been dying. I’ve been feeling lovely like i have never felt. My heart, my hair, my mouth, my face, they’ve been talking, they’ve been watching someone else. My place is bright, it is my own. My heart, my face get lots of sun. I’m still standing, i’ve been loving someone else. Someone with something you don’t have. I cannot love someone who’s sad. It’s been growing, I’ve been loving someone else. What does it take to give? What do you want, what do you need, what are the promises you can’t keep. How does it feel to take? What you want when you fake, you will learn from someone’s face.

NOTHING AT ALL – Nothing at all was impossible. Did you come up to me like we knock at a door? Sometime i swear i feel like i’ve loved you before. No one at all is invincible. You are cold like a penny on the back of my neck but I am wanting to give for as long as you take. I ain’t got no life, i ain’t got no name, but we walk through our time like you don’t feel the same. I don’t want your life, i don’t want your name. Please don’t look at me, it gets too hard. Saying no is hard cause in your deep eyes i can fall. If i look at you, i get so sad cause you really have built up a big wall. Nothing at all is just physical. I miss you like i’ve missed someone i’ve always knew, when i saw you again, i could tell it was true. No one at all is invisible, when you see me, i see you, we knew what we’ve been through. You don’t hide much from me since the day that i told you. I don’t know your life but i do know your name, and we walk through my life like you don’t even bend, I do want your life, i don’t want your name.

DAY NUMBER – You were the darkest piece of land. You are the lonely holding hands. You are the painful memory. You needed light, You needed me.You were the gentle with a blade. I did love standing in your shade. You loved being someone else. You loved lying to my face.Day number 1, we create love. Day number 2, we think it’s done. Day number 3, i count on you. Day number 4, that’s what you do. Day number 5, you create lies. Day number 6, we start to cry. Number 7, you disappear,For number 8 to become clear.

BUT THE SHAPE IS WIDE – I look around, i see no light. The land has faded in the dark. My fingers tied up to your arm. My feet disappearing in the ground. My blood is pumping, my blood is thick. Your eyes are showing the way they speak. My pride has died cause you know my tricks. Don’t let me down, let’s just go deep. The night will not find its way but the shape is wide. Just be my guide. The light will not fade away as long as you stay. Please don’t go, i say…We become space, we become night. The colors, the shapes just feed the dark. Your body has learned how to fight the fear that still takes over mine. Our blood is pumping up and up and down, there’s no going back to where we’re from.Your heart beat sounds like no other one. Don’t let me blink, don’t let me down. Don’t let me know what you’re about. Please hide the shadows of a heart you know i can’t feel. But you really show how to make it real.

NOWHERE GOOD ENOUGH – There is nowhere good enough. Nowhere i can build a house. And nowhere we could find a place where we could die. There is nowhere good enough. I remember well walking along, wanting a home cause if i could remember well, I would try. right now. There is no one strong enough that you could love your whole life. No one that could deal with the crazy perspectives of no one no one strong enough. You remember well looking for love wanting me more cause if you could remember well you would try. Right now. My eyes are dirt, they are the dome. You sooth me first, you stretch my bones. No country, no name.

UNFORTUNATE FRIENDS – And when we talk, we barely talk. And when you cry, it’s just some weird drops. And when you sleep, i barely sleep. When you hold me, it’s just some weird grip. Cause we are just unfortunate friends, holding back love cause we don’t know its name. Though it will grow, It’s like this cut on my eyebrow.

WHEN I’M IN THE DARK AND YOU TAKE THE LIGHT – I thought i knew myself. I thought the life i had was the one i made. I thought where do i go from now. How can this feel so bad? I wondered what’s to come? Is the land i’m from, the land i want? I asked : is there somewhere to feel? Somewhere to be? I felt the universe. I felt the way my body could be hurt. I felt the love i could receive, and the love i couldn’t give. I knew it all before. I knew the time it takes for a heart to sore, i know, I know that i won’t die when my breath gets short for my tears to dry.I thought i wouldn’t care for the sadness that my heart could bear. I thought i could run and not stop until i reach the top. I wondered who am i when i’ve lost faith in the human kind. I asked is it still worth the fight when the land is blood and the people lie. I felt the universe, I felt the way my body could give birth. I felt the love i have received and the love i couldn’t give. I knew it all before, I could have known for years and more. I know that i won’t die when i’m in the dark and you take the light. Take me home. Don’t let me down. Hold me tight. There’s no going back.